Reducing operating costs, improving customer satisfaction and increasing profitability

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Maximize asset utilization
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Win new customers
  • Meet regulatory requirements

Utility companies understand better than most the importance of customer and location-based information. The requirements for operational excellence in the utility industry continues to grow. Customers demand higher service levels, and stakeholders – whether they are taxpayers or shareholders – expect greater financial performance. Wringing costs from your operations at the same time you’re improving service seems contradictory at best. Nevertheless, the demand is there.

At TerraNOVA International, we understand that to remain competitive in today’s de-regulated climate, utility providers have to deliver more with less! They have to simultaneously better manage their assets, and improve operational efficiency, while offering customers the services they demand at best value for money, and
all still under the constant scrutiny of the regulator.

Learn how this unique combination of location communication intelligence can help you make more informed decisions and drive the success of your business:

Optimize network performance and asset utilization

  • Accurately record the location, specifications and status of network equipment and assets
  • Determine the most cost effective and profitable design of the network
  • Track network performance, service performance and regulatory conformity
  • Record network faults and the affected customers
  • Establish where under and overcapacity exists

Maximize the efficiency of your operation

  • Meet regulatory compliance regulations
  • Mitigate risk
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Help optimize the deployment of field engineering
  • Provide immediate answers to ‘call-before-you-dig’ inquiries and share records with other utilities and public agencies
  • Meet risk management and emergency planning requirements

Improve customer insight and marketing effectiveness

  • Profile the characteristics and behavior of existing and prospective customers
  • Establish where potential high spending customers are located
  • Determine where the competition’s presence forms a threat
  • Deploy more precise, more effective marketing strategies