Strategic Consulting

Geospatial intelligence can give you a strong competitive edge but can also be difficult to define and apply.  Not only will the platform need to scale to fit your specific needs, but it will also need to be compatible with existing IT applications and database environment.  With these challenges in mind, how can you find the right solution to ensure your geospatial technology platform will keep pace with your needs?

Trust the experts at TerraNOVA International to help guide you through the decision-making process.  With years of experience in researching, evaluating and deploying IT development plans with a geospatial component, we can address the “where” in your business intelligence requirements.  Once TerraNOVA has completed a detailed analysis of the potential solutions and their relative strengths and weaknesses, our team can make recommendations and execute the action plan from start to finish.  TerraNOVA will also focus on ways to use the recommended technology in new and innovative ways to keep you a step ahead.

Our strategic consulting will support your business by

  • Aligning geospatial technology with your business needs and strategies
  • Suggesting ways to improve the performance of your existing solutions with practical suggestions and examples
  • Identifying areas you can optimize your IT solutions and help to justify the investment with real-world ROI
  • Reducing the risks and hazards of switching technologies with a thorough step-by-step, detailed plan

Talk with us about how you can take your geospatial strategy to the next level.  Contact us today.