Real Estate / Retail / Restaurants

Location is often the “make or break” factor in the real estate, retail, and restaurant industries. The landscape is littered with closed stores and failed real estate properties. Why? Wrong location.

To make sure you’re choosing the right location for your next store, service outlet, distribution center, or other real estate venture, use mapping and geospatial solutions from TerraNOVA International. You will be able to analyze all relevant information related to potential locations, including:

  • Existing locations in your network
  • Competitor locations
  • Consumer and/or business demographics in the area
  • Market penetration
  • Extent of trade area
  • Location of existing and potential customers
  • Traffic counts and travel patterns

We offer the industry’s leading site selection and market analysis software mapping, as well as reporting tools, consulting services, and additional demographic, lifestyle, expenditure, and competitive data to help you make smart, successful decisions that maximize your market penetration while minimizing the costs of expansion. You also can gain fast, easy access to demographic and market reports for any area using our online demographics reporting option.
And if your strategy is to consolidate an existing network of locations, we can help you choose which locations make the most sense to close or sell so that you are best able to serve existing customers and maximize ongoing profitability.