Needs Assessment

A vital component of TerraNOVA’s strategic consulting services is a thorough needs assessment of your project before undertaking any development.  Because of our specialization in systems integration coupled with our vast expertise in the geospatial realm, we can suggest ways for various technologies to work together to provide you with a streamlined solution.  By defining the challenges and opportunities through a needs assessment, we can effectively address the “where” component of your business intelligence requirements.

In addition to ensuring your planned project meets your needs, you will also find TerraNOVA’s consulting services to be a more cost-effective approach than other system integrators.  When compared to many of the “big players,” TerraNOVA can provide the same level of knowledge and integration expertise but also include the added benefit of our geospatial intelligence expertise, at a cost-effective rate.

The needs assessment serves as the cornerstone for successful mapping and location intelligence projects and will

  • Appraise technological and organizational strengths and weakness
  • Identify and analyze current IT technologies and how they can integrate with the proposed project
  • Evaluate and optimize your internal operations so the processes work smoothly while minimizing the need for human capital
  • Develop a detailed game plan that outlines all proposed changes in logical order for seamless implementation

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