Government, law enforcement and other public sector agencies have long made use of geospatial technology and mapping solutions to better serve their constituents. TerraNOVA International is the choice of many agencies because we understand how geography and location affect your decision making, and because we offer solutions for entire agencies needing to share information or for individual analysts working on a specific project.

Application areas include:

  • Crime analysis – Mapping high crime areas and deploying law enforcement appropriately.
  • Homeland security – Identifying and securing the locations of infrastructure and assets.
  • Emergency response – Coordinating efforts of various response teams in different locations; planning evacuation and alternative routes; mapping incident areas.
  • Water and sewer – Mapping infrastructure, and planning and prioritizing enhancements and expansion.
  • Zoning, growth and taxes – Mapping zones, property ownership, school district boundaries, and growth plans.
  • Service routing – Efficient routing of trash pickup, leaf collection, snow plowing, and other services to reduce costs and fuel expenditures.
  • Human services – Identify areas needing more program funding or place a child into a foster home that is in the same school district.

In addition, many states, counties, and municipalities now offer Web-based applications for the public to access real time information on services, zoning, tax assessment, and more. These self-service, location-based applications help reduce the number of phone calls to offices and improve your ability to provide current, accurate information to the populace you serve.