GIS Development & Training

Mapping and spatial software, like all off-the-shelf products, is designed to serve a wide variety of industries and applications.  As such, it cannot be optimized for the day-to-day work processes of any single industry or workgroup.  The solution: software customization.

In a typical assignment, TerraNOVA International builds an application that creates a regularly-needed report, map-based analysis, or other work product.  The result:  more maps & reports in less time using less technical staff.

To complete these applications successfully, TerraNOVA uses its specialized expertise in digital spatial data, map projections & precision, map navigation interfaces, RDBMS, digital cartography, and vendor-specific components.  With more than 26 years of experience in this field, TerraNOVA International custom software is used throughout the US and worldwide.

PBBI/MapInfo Software Training
MapInfo Professional and MapBasic Training is invaluable.  It allows users to more quickly unlock the full potential of the tools they have.  All MapInfo users, from first-timers to old hands, benefit from training.