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TerraNOVA International, LLC is a leading provider of desktop and Internet-enabled products and solutions for business intelligence applications. Our customers transform information into a business advantage by discovering unseen patterns and trends in their corporate databases.

This leads to better business intelligence, improved customer relations, and bottom line performance, especially for organizations with vast physical and information infrastructures that need to understand marketplace demographics, manage assets, and allocate resources to compete effectively. TerraNOVA serves regional, national and international customers, among them many on the cutting-edge of their industries.

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Segmentation Systems

Available for both list selection and data append, innovative segmentation systems help you understand the lifestyles, product interests and spending habits of your best customers and prime prospects. Use segmentation systems to enhance your existing customer information or to identify prospect universes with the greatest propensity for your product or service.

Increase your targeting precision
Obtain a sharper image of the individuals who are interested in your products and services: what characteristics they share, what they buy, likes and dislikes, and other lifestyle data.

Market smarter for less
When you don’t have the budget, data or time to use custom scores, segmentation systems are a great solution. They are cost efficient, quick to implement and give you important new perspective.

Gain essential insight
By aggregating and averaging information and using modeling processes, segmentation systems provide marketing insight that can’t be gained through other means.

PSYTE® Advantage
PSYTE® Advantage fine-tunes your sales and marketing campaigns for optimal outcomes, delivering the highest possible ROI. PSYTE Advantage creates vivid, precise profiles of your core customers, then literally maps out the precise neighborhoods where you’ll find others like them – consumers already inclined to respond favorably to your products and services.
With PSYTE® Advantage, businesses can quickly spot and act on the following strategic opportunities:

  • Identify your most profitable customers and locate others
  • Discover new and untapped markets
  • Develop more finely targeted, cost-effective and lucrative marketing campaigns
  • Increase the success of new product launches
  • Open new locations with the highest revenue potential
  • Design cost-effective mailings and media placement programs
  • Increase profitability and market share

Geographic analysis for strategic planning
MOSAIC® geodemographic lifestyle segmentation is the right choice for direct marketing, modeling, choosing store locations or service areas, and selecting and buying advertising media.

STI: PopStats™

Quarterly Population Estimates 
STI: PopStats gives businesses immediate access to the latest population counts in markets across the country, enabling smarter and more profitable location-centric decisions.

Retailers and other businesses continually searching for new hard-to-find high-growth markets are constantly reassessing their existing locations to stay on top of today’s dynamic consumer demographics. STI: PopStats’s quarterly demographic updates solves real-world problems that many of today’s largest and fastest growing businesses experience.

More Accurate Market Research 
STI: PopStats will elevate your research to a new level of population insight, estimating accuracy, and decision-making power. Because the product’s consumer numbers are completely up-to-date and accurate, STI: PopStats will help you:

  • Discover hidden high-growth areas before your competitors
  • Identify population-related problems in existing stores
  • Reduce the time and money you spend on market research

While other population estimating products are updated only once per year, STI: PopStats is updated every three months — in January, April, July, and October. Every quarter you’ll receive updated population estimates with over 850 data variables, along with revised estimates for eight previous quarters.

Key Benefits of STI: PopStats Demographic Data

  • Pinpoints high-growth markets with industry-leading accuracy
  • Improves decision making by identifying hidden market growth trends
  • Lowers the escalating costs of in-field research

Features of STI: PopStats Demographic Data

  • Accurate population estimates – field-tested with proven results
  • Comprehensive demographics – with over 600 variables
  • Timely quarterly releases – 8 quarters updated and revised every 3 months
  • Seamless technology integration – works with all existing applications
  • Free block group-level sample — contact us to put STI: PopStats to the test today.

Product Overview

  • STI: PopStats™ – Today’s leading population estimates
  • STI: LandScape™ – Innovative lifestyle attitude segmentation
  • STI: WorkPlace™ – Accurate counts of America’s workforce
  • STI: Spending Patterns™ – Current and predicted expenditures
  • STI: BlockPoint™ – Population counts with pinpoint precision
  • STI: Market Outlook™ – Find consumer demand gaps
  • STI: Colossus™ – Macroeconomics at the market level


The Allocate demographic analysis tool is for the business user who wants to perform quick and accurate market analysis.Custom reports can be easily created in a variety of media, thereby spreading information and knowledge throughout the enterprise. Ease of use will give users of all levels – from the business analyst to the senior executive – the capability to perform on-the-fly market analyses. Using Allocate will empower an organization with the confidence to make sound business decisions.

Allocate key features include:

  • Seamless integration into multiple mapping product lines.
  • Block centroid retrieval method for allocating data to rings, polygons and drive times.
  • Customizable reports in a variety of outputs such as HTML, spreadsheets and mapping files.
  • Data compression onto a single CD-ROM, providing flexibility and convenience to users.
  • Indexing, custom variable creation and modeling capabilities to better analyze data.
  • Common sense interface with step-by-step tabs that guide users through the process.