Data Management

However you apply data within your organization, having accurate and standardized information does more for you. Put simply, you can make more informed business decisions with better data.  TerraNOVA International works with you to standardize your data and ensure accuracy through a comprehensive data cleansing process and data hygiene technology solutions.

Data management is invaluable in creating useful, efficient and ROI-driven applications.  We tailor our solutions specifically to meet your unique business needs because we understand the importance of managing data.  With the help of TerraNOVA, you get better data which drives smarter decisions and optimizes virtually every aspect of your business including IT, operations, sales and marketing.

TerraNOVA’s team can support you with

  • Defining, designing and implementing a data architecture
  • Automating the transformation and data loading process using third-party spatial ETL tools or customized scripts developed by our experts
  • Data standardization and cleansing using specialized platforms (Data Quality platforms), especially for address cleansing
  • Geocoding of databases with address or location information
  • Enhancement of organizational data through its connection with external data sources
  • Data replication

TerraNOVA International is comprised of data management experts with a wealth of experience. Our team helps you with the advice and support necessary to make business-critical decisions based on geospatial factors.  By helping you plan for data management needs ahead of time, TerraNOVA helps you save time and resources while ensuring that critical data is usable and accessible in the future.
Talk with TerraNOVA International today about your data management needs and contact us to request an on-site consultation today.