Business Intelligence

You rely on Business Intelligence tools to develop strategies and make key decisions. Your Business Intelligence system requires accurate, in-depth data to create meaningful visualization and management dashboards. That’s where TerraNOVA International comes in.

TerraNOVA International offers best-of-breed geospatial platforms, data and professional services to maximize your Business Intelligence ROI, delivering critical location intelligence to consolidate, organize, display and analyze  WHERE things are happening in your business.  The maps and visualization enabled by geospatial data are invaluable in synthesizing massive amounts of data to quickly and effectively display location in your BI dashboards and reports. You can leverage TerraNOVA’s depth of available data and its breadth of knowledge in implementing BI solutions to gain perspective in the context of location.

Why TerraNOVA International for location-centric Business Intelligence?
In a word: expertise. Whether you are a Business Intelligence user, integrator, consultant or provider of a BI platform, you can leverage more than 26 years of geospatial leadership from TerraNOVA to ensure the most comprehensive location data and seamless BI integration. Using a step-by-step approach, TerraNOVA enhances your BI activities through:

  • Integration and deployment of a mapping engine within any web application, BI system or portal
  • Providing additional analytic capabilities to your BI platform
  • Acquisition and integration of geospatial data
  • Optimization and integration of data models
  • Establishment of physical, business and presentation models, and server-side data binding

Business Intelligence is only as good as the data that enables it. TerraNOVA supplies and customizes the geospatial data that supplements dashboards and reports with actionable information. Choose the leader in geospatial solutions for your BI visualization needs – go with TerraNOVA. Talk with TerraNOVA today about your Business Intelligence