AnySite for Mapping & Analytical

Easy-to-use application for customer analysis & market selection

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Designed to perform powerful predictive analytics and modeling functions, AnySite® is an essential market analysis and decision support tool. AnySite provides directors, analysts and marketers valuable insight into market data, allowing them to easily analyze the relationship between the performance of a location relative to the market area demographic characteristics. Developed by the leading provider of location intelligence solutions, Pitney Bowes Business Insight, AnySite supports open data architecture and can be deployed from the desktop to the enterprise.

Complimentary products in the AnySite product suite include AnySite® Online and AnySite® Online Retail Modeling , which provide site analysis capabilities with easy web-based access.

AnySite lets you access critical demographics for understanding your customers.

A flexible, easy-to-use market analysis tool

  • Generate insightful maps and reports – quickly and easily
  • Customize reports and maps to meet decision-makers’ needs

An integrated, expandable location intelligence solution

  • Add plug-ins for customer profiling, target marketing and sales forecasting
  • Deployment options include LAN, WAN, thin client and browser-based environments

Seamlessly integrate location into existing business processes

  • Add advanced mapping capabilities to your web site or Intranet
  • Access varied data formats with AnySite’s open architecture

Take advantage of the best location capabilities

  • Improve site selection efficiencies and outcomes
  • Gain valuable insight into the competitive landscape
  • Predict banking needs for a bigger share of wallet
  • Focus marketing based on consumer behavior and lifestyles
  • Highlight areas of opportunity for geographic or program expansion
  • Identify the best markets for provider or staff recruitment
  • Manage your sales or coverage territories