Sample icon1 TerraNOVA has forged solid partnerships with the industry's major players which add to the creation of state-of-the-art products and solutions and allow you to benefit from a one-stop shop for all of your geospatial and business intelligence needs.


Sample icon 2 TerraNOVA maintains solid partnerships with data providers well known on the international scale. The offer that result from the combination of products of all these suppliers allow TerraNOVA to create the best solutions for your needs.


Sample icon 3 TerraNOVA Professional Services Group is idea to meet your business intelligence goals. Our Software Developers, GIS Software trainers, and Strategic Consultants work with you to realize project goals integrating business intelligence and geospatial technologies.

Research and Development

If what you need is “outside the box” – we’re up to the task. At TerraNOVA International, we go beyond the standard solution set to support your company’s research and development projects. Our near-sourcing model means that, rather than offload these sensitive projects to a relatively unknown third-party, your R&D team can work collaboratively with TerraNOVA International for trusted and knowledgeable guidance.

Additionally, once you have deployed and fine-tuned your new product, the team at TerraNOVA can help improve the design and implementation process for future iterations.

TerraNOVA’s best-practices approach to research and development will enable you to

  • Use our collective knowledge and implementation know-how to make your internal R&D projects more thorough and robust
  • Tighten up your internal product design process by adding an unbiased third (and fourth) set of eyes on each R&D project

Are you ready to use our expertise and real-world research and development knowledge to your company’s benefit?  With over 17 years of experience we’re here to help.  Please contact us today.