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PhotoMapper Aerial Imagery

The Most Comprehensive Aerial Mapping Software: PhotoMapper Desktop Software

PhotoMapper is an extremely fast, easy-to-use and powerful desktop software program that allows you to quickly view aerial or satellite imagery. It includes graphics/measuring tools and GIS data layers that give users of the aerial mapping software the ability to research their market and create customized databases and first-class marketing materials.

Landiscor is proud to be the exclusive provider for all sales and technical support of PhotoMapper. The popular aerial viewing software was originally developed by AirPhotoUSA in the late 1990’s and discontinued as a product offering by DigitalGlobe on December 31, 2008.

Companies that have used PhotoMapper and the MapHandler plug-ins for ArcGIS and MapInfo will continue to have access to these fast and powerful aerial mapping software applications. All Landiscor and DigitalGlobe imagery is available in PhotoMapper format. Landiscor also has the ability to convert your custom imagery and data layers into PhotoMapper format.

• Fastest Aerial Interface Available
• Optimized for display speed and network efficiency
• GIS compatible with ArcGIS and MapInfo
• Find location by address, intersection, zip code or city
• Draw Tools – add text, symbols, regions, logos
• Measure Tool – measure distance and area in any unit
• Auto label streets, cities, counties and more
• Import SHP, MID/MIF and DXF files
• Export GeoTIFF, JPG or BMP files
• Print your map view or print from a layout window to add insets
• Hotlink Tool – add any type of file to link to symbols or shapes on your map
• Standard Layers include Local Roads, Major roads, Highways, Freeways, Zip Codes, Cities and Counties


Data Overlays Available in PhotoMapper*
• Parcels and Zoning
• Retail, Active/Future Housing, Apartments, Office and Industrial
• Unique Regional Data
• FEMA Flood Zone Data
• PLSS Township, Range and Section Data
• Contour Lines and Photo Date Layer