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Parcel Data

Boundaries for more accurate spatial analysis and display

• Overview

When business decision making requires the highest level of accuracy, Pitney Bowes Business Insight’s parcel data products provide some of the most detailed geographic analysis available. Unlike simple points used in addressing, parcel boundary data allows property characteristics to be mapped and analyzed across an entire area of interest. Each parcel’s unique identifier allows it to be linked to other forms of information, including valuations, service areas, environmental factors, demographics, and more. Parcel data also enables sophisticated spatial analysis such as proximity, overlay, and buffer zone operations.
Numerous industries use parcel data in their daily operations, and many are realizing new ways to enhance their capabilities, provide additional services, and reduce operating costs.

Financial Services

• Loan Processing
• Tax Assignment and Determination
• Underwriting and Claims Management
• Flood Certification
• Risk Assessment

Retail, Restaurant and Real Estate

• Property Information
• Service Territories
• Asset Management
• Right-of-Way Identification
• Call-Before-You-Dig Applications and Automated Meter Reading Systems


• Law Enforcement
• Homeland Security

Centrus Parcels

The Centrus Parcels Data Set provides more accurate parcel boundary definitions for the United States through Spatial+ based solutions. Centrus Parcels are based on parcel polygons acquired from local governments across the United States providing point-in-polygon analysis and display capabilities. The APN attribute is the Parcel identifier that enables users to retrieve additional property information from third party property reporting firms. The Elevation attribute is derived from USGS Digital Elevation Model data.

There are three versions of Centrus Parcels for Point–in–Polygon analysis and display:
• Centrus Parcels — parcel boundary data set with standardized site address attribute for Point–in–Polygon analysis and display on maps or aerial imagery
• Centrus Enhanced Parcels — parcel boundary data set with address and Assessor Parcel Number (APN) attributes for Point–in–Polygon analysis and display on maps or aerial imagery
• Centrus Premium Parcels — parcel boundary data set with address, APN, and elevation attributes for Point–in–Polygon analysis and display on maps or aerial imagery

Parcel Data Services

Pitney Bowes Business Insight provides government agencies and private sector businesses a full-service solution for tax parcel data conversion, maintenance, and management. Our team of parcel mapping professionals has experience with hundreds of projects and is known throughout the industry for getting the job done right the first time. Our expertise is in delivering the highest quality parcel mapping base that capitalizes on existing investments in mapping and GIS. With specialists in land records management, application development, database administration, and web deployment, Pitney Bowes Business Insight offers a comprehensive approach to parcel data management for property assessment and planning.