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Global 360

The comprehensive world gazetteer

Key Features

  • Over 900,000 named locations
  • Foreign names (‘exonyms’)
  • Multiple feature classes
  • Direct support for Geo URI standard
  • Internet / intranet ready

Global 360 is a comprehensive database of named locations. It is aimed at organizations who need to search, reference and geocode locations world-wide.

With over 900,000 entries from countries down to localised places of interest, Global 360 is perfect for spatially enabling web applications such as store/dealer/service locators, office messaging, asset tracking, social networking and geographic ‘check-in’ services.

Global 360 is ideal for any business organization that requires a consistent global location resource for web-based search, geo-coding and reverse geo-coding. It includes support for localisation and forms a valuable component of any enterprise-wide Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI).

Country and major city names are available in local and foreign language forms (‘exonyms’). Languages supported include English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Japanese, standard Arabic and simplified Chinese. Support for Russian and Hebrew is in development.

As well as a latitude and longitude (WGS-84) coordinate, Global 360 uniquely features a ‘range indicator’ for each location, giving a geographic extent.
Global 360 is the first of its kind to adopt the Geo URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) Internet standard for geographic locations. Geo URIs support the vCard file format specification, used for electronic business cards, and the GeoSMS standard for the tagging of locations in SMS text messages. The Geo URI scheme was defined in June 2010 by the Internet Engineering Task Force, an international open standards organisation that develops and promotes internet protocols.

Product Layer Comparison

The Global 360 gazetteer consists of the following features:

  • Places
  • Countries
  • Administrative Divisions
  • Islands
  • Airports
  • Ports
  • National Parks
  • Points of Interest (e.g. tourist locations)
  • Lakes

There are an unlimited number of uses for Global 360. Potential applications include:

  • Enterprise-wide global Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI)
  • Web site search functions
  • Store/dealer/service location finders
  • Where’s the nearest…?
  • Global geocoding by place name
  • Reverse geocoding by latitude/longitude (e.g. asset tracking)
  • GeoSMS tagging
  • Social Networking, including geographic ‘check-in’ services

Global 360 is ready to deploy on the Internet or corporate intranet.

Data Formats
Global 360 is available in the following data formats:

  • ESRI Shapefile
  • MapInfo TAB *
  • Tab delimited file (TXT, UTF-8 encoding)
  • Access database

* Note that some data formats are unable to support Unicode. Other major formats can be supported by special arrangement.

Global 360 is supplied on CD-ROM or can be delivered electronically via the Internet.